Our company

Gloscad is a Polish company specialized in the development and management of projects. We are independent of any public or private organization and respond to requests from public or private organizations, donors and government departments.

Our commitments and principles

We bring our total commitment in each of our actions by sharing our passion, our creativity, and our determination at every stage of the realization of a project. Its success implies understanding and assimilating the stakes of each mission, so it is necessary to maintain with each partner, both public and private, a transparent and bilateral cooperation.

Be a solid partner

We promote full transparency and we commit ourselves to control each cost or delay on projects


Select and adapt new technologies to the primordial issues previously defined by each stakeholder involved

Act durably

By anticipating the impacts of each project on the economic, social and environmental level and integrating them into a long-term strategy


Strategy and application

Our vision

Build a collective project that meets the economic and technological expectations of today and tomorrow, while placing social and human interests at the center of our concerns.

Our action

The development of agriculture is one of the essential issues of our generation, it will achieve food self-sufficiency for all and will have the direct consequences of diversifying the economy and offering new professional opportunities.

ESG challenges

Our projects