The adoption of mechanization is a radical change and must therefore be carefully studied and prepared to ensure its success. Past studies and experiences in other Sub-Saharan African countries show us that it is essential to carry out an in-depth analysis aimed at identifying, characterizing and constructing a structured demand that is truly adapted to farmers’ needs. .

This analysis will be based on several points:

  • Plan and submit missions to scientific organizations to provide detailed expertise on the best farming methods compatible with mechanization and train farmers in these new methods
  • Determine the best places to locate the mechanization centers (road network, rural track, optimal zone of influence in relation to the number of producers …)
  • Ensure at what stage mechanization will be best suited for each type of crop: soil preparation, sowing, spreading, maintenance, transport, harvest etc.
  • Prepare upstream the training of tractor drivers and mechanics according to the type of tractor

In close collaboration with manufacturers, one of our objectives is to ensure that the proposed equipment is perfectly adapted to the different constraints specific to each country such as the type of terrain.