Our action

In view of the issues mentioned above as well as the long-term potential, we are currently focusing our efforts on Sub-Saharan Africa. There is currently a real need in this region to diversify the economy, particularly through agriculture. As in the whole continent, this region has great agricultural potential and there is a real desire to develop agriculture at all levels, from production to marketing. This development is crucial, which is why all major international institutions such as FAO and IFAD are currently committed to supporting the creation of agricultural value chains throughout the region.

The development of agriculture is one of the essential issues of our generation, it will achieve food self-sufficiency for all and will have the direct consequences of diversifying the economy and offering new professional opportunities to the entire population. This development is based on the diversification and improvement of different crops and an increase in production, particularly through the mechanization of agricultural tasks.

The major objective for the coming years is to equip the countryside to meet the growing needs of production, conservation and processing of agricultural products necessary for the food security of a growing population, while ensuring the preservation of the environment.

In order for this modernization to be effective, it must be driven by demands built, structured and adapted, and take into account the support needed for agricultural mechanization processes.

For this it is necessary to lay a solid foundation for the way forward and to clearly define the roles of all involved actors. In other words, we will witness on several levels, the creation of agricultural value chains: