A reliable partner

Gloscad is specialized in the development and management of projects, responding to requests from public or private organizations.


We pledge ourselves to lead each project in conformity with Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) stakes.

Our vision

We believe that our mission is to go beyond just investing our resources by helping to actively shape the world of tomorrow.


We dedicate our time, energy and resources working together through partnerships or alliances alongside academic institutes and organizations for entrepreneurship and social development.

Our action

Build a collective project that meets the economic and technological expectations of today and tomorrow, while placing social and human interests at the center of our concerns.


Innovate by selecting and adapting up-to-date technologies to the primordial challenges previously defined by each stakeholder.

Didier Criss
CEO & Co-Founder

“The combination of our dedication and in-depth understanding of how technology can efficiently solve the objectives at stakes, makes us uniquely positioned to deliver unparalleled value. The path to develop sustainable solutions has to go through a federation of all stakeholders around the same goals and vision, keeping in mind the famous adage “The whole is greater than the sum of its parts“”

“Technology is becoming more sophisticated and in some cases even exceeds our expectations. Governance has never been so global and interests so connected to each other which results facing various and complex challenges in terms of energy, food, communication or education. Given the multitude of different projects to be developed and the actors involved, at institutional, governmental and private levels; the need for companies that can lead such projects and reconcile the interests of stakeholders is the key to success”

Grégory Martin
COO & Co-Founder